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The Earth

The world around us is the result of an infinite number of interactions at all levels: Magnetic fields, radio waves, gravity, cosmic radiation, and myriads of other subtle andnot so subtle influences shape the world around us, and determine how in turnwe are shaped by the world, and how we sense it.

GEOSENSORY brings you some of the most advanced and elegant tools for sensing the world.

Our digital compass modules can be used in numerous applications such as navigation and robotics. We alsomake complete digital compasses, proven popular mobility tools for blind and visually impaired people world-wide.

Our self-contained GPS receiver modules are suitable for a direct connection to a computer (for example a laptop),to provide fast and cost-efficient GPS implementation.

Our electromagnetic radiation detectors are handy tools to check environmental electromagnetic interference levels, localize sources of interference, and provide the first line of defence against undesired surveillance devices (bugs) .

The cost of our products is low enough for them to be used at home or school for experimentation, and their functionality and quality are good enough to suit many laboratory, industrial and research applications as well.

We hope you will find all our products useful and enjoyable.