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  C2 Talking Compass

C2 Compass  

The C2 Compass is a miniature hand-held battery-operated eight-point compass with voice output and auxiliary color indication. The compass is contained in a semi-transparent light-blue enclosure. At the top there is the speaker and the activatation button. A three-position slide switch on the side is used to switch the compass off (central position) and select one of the two in-built languages or voices.
C2 Compass   


  Novelty gift item
  Mobility tool for vision-impaired people
  Jogging accessory
  Carry it in a car
  Recreational use

The compass pronounces the eight compass points in clear digitised speech. There are two languages to select from (these can be determined at the time of order). Most major languages are supported and others can be added upon request. Customized voices, as well as alternative colors of the enclosure, are available for volume purchasers.

Color Indicator Legend

The in-built color indicator (visible through the semi-transparent enclosure) can be used to determine the direction in noisy conditions.

Technical Specifications

Type Solid-state digital compass
Detection 8 cardinal points
Power 2 x 12V battery (A23, MN21 or GP23A)
(not included)
Indication Digitized speech (in two selectable languages)
Size 75 x 50 x 25 mm (3 x 2 x 1 in)
Weight 61 grams (2.2 oz)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

C2 Compass - Bottom View  

The C2 Compass relies on standard 12V batteries (the type commonly used for remote controls and other miniature appliances).


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