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  EBCM-802 Digital Compass Evaluation Board
EBCM-802 Evaluation Board
(Battery not included.)

The EBCM-802 Compass Module Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the RDCM-802 miniature compass module. The board contains one RDCM-802 module in a convenient arrangement, including a battery holder for a standard 9V battery, a power switch, regulator, and indicator surface-mount LEDs which turn on and off according to the geographical orientation of the board.



Technical Specifications

Accuracy 5
Tilt tolerance 10
Settling time 500ms max.
Hysteresis 5
Supply voltage 9Vdc (PP3 type battery - not included)
Supply current 25mA max.
Output indication 3 red SMT LEDs
Operating temperature -5 to +60C
Storage temperature -25 to +75C
Dimensions 103mm (L) x 56mm (W) x 22.5mm (H)
4.055" (L) x 2.205" (W) x 0.886" (H)

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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