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  ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

The ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector is an exceptionally efficient "RF Sniffer" developed to quickly and reliably locate sources of electromagnetic interference. The detector contains sophisticated circuitry including a miniature wide-band antenna with a high-performance amplifier and detection circuits for maximum sensitivity.

The detector is ergonomically designed, housed in a pocket-size, semi-transparent, elegant and durable enclosure.
The detector features optical (LED) and acoustic (buzzer) indication. The brightness of the indicator LED and the pitch of the audible tone will increase proportionally with the strength of the detected signal, making it simple and easy to locate the radiation source.  

The ERD-1500 covers a very wide frequency range from approximately 50 Hz to 1500 MHz.

Power is supplied by two 12V batteries (not included). The sliding switch on the side of the unit has three positions: off (middle position), high sensitivity (far field) and low sensitivity (near field).


  Tracing sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  Surveillance countermeasures (detection of "bugs")
  EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) pre-testing
  Quick safety radiation check of transmitters and appliances
  Installation and set-up of computer-based radio monitoring systems

ERD-1500 in Action  

One of the typical applications of the ERD-1500 is to locate sources of electromagnetic interference. Light dimmers are known sources of interference, owing to their use of solid-state switching circuits. A faulty dimmer such as the one shown here may turn into a wide-band interference generator causing considerable degradation of radio and TV reception.

So sensitive is the ERD-1500, that it can be used to trace power lines in the wall, and even detect such minute electromagnetic fields as those generated by electronic watches.

ERD-1500 in Action  

The sales of bugging devices are booming and there is overwhelming evidence of their wide-spread use. You can never be sure until you bug-sweep your premises with an ERD-1500. In the pictured situation, a radio surveillance device is hidden in a house intercom. Miniature transmitting devices may be hidden in many objects of daily use. \

Thanks to its wide frequency range, sensitivity and fast response time, the ERD-1500 can be successfully used to locate most types of bugging devices.

Technical Specifications

Type Wide-band untuned radio receiver
Frequency range Approx. 50 Hz to 1500 MHz
Typical sensitivity 25µV/cm (at 500 MHz, far field setting)
Power 2 x 12V battery (A23, MN21 or GP23A)
(not included)
Indication Power: Green LED
Signal: Red LED and audible tone
Size 75 x 50 x 25 mm (3 x 2 x 1 in)
Weight 61 grams (2.2 oz)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

ERD-1500 - Bottom View  

The ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector relies on standard 12V batteries (the type commonly used for remote controls and other miniature appliances).


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