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  GPS-1200 Global Positioning System Receiver
GPS-1200-U (USB Version)
GPS-1200-U Receiver (USB Version)

GPS-1200-S Receiver (Serial Version)
GPS-1200-S Receiver (Serial Version)

The GPS-1200 is a miniature GPS receiver module, suitable for a direct connection to a computer (for example a laptop), to provide fast and cost-efficient GPS implementation.

The receiver comes in two versions, a USB interface version (GPS-1200-U) and a serial interface version (GPS-1200-S). The tiny receiver contains its own antenna, and derives its power from the host computer interface. A CD ROM with drivers for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP is supplied for the USB version. The serial interface version does not require any drivers. The output format complies with the NMEA0183 standard, making it compatible with most popular mapping software, for example Microsoft Streets and Trips as well as with field strength measurement applications, such as WiNRADiO Field Strength Logger.

GPS-1200 for vehicle navigation

The GPS-1200 waterproof package has a strong non-slip magnetic base,
and is ideally suited for placement on the roof of a vehicle.


  Navigation (marine or land)
  Vehicle tracking
  Field-strength measurement

Technical Specifications

General L1 frequency 12-channel continuous tracking
Update rate 1 Hz
Sensitivity -170 dBW
Accuracy of position 15 m (without Selective Availability)
Accuracy of velocity 0.1 m/s (without Selective Availability)
Accuracy of time 1 ms
Datum WGS-84
Cold start time 60 s
Warm start time 38 s
Hot start time 8 s
Reacquisition of signal 1 s
Maximum altitude 18,000 m
Maximum velocity 515 m/s
Maximum motional jerk 20 m/s3
Maximum acceleration 4G (39.2 m/s2)
Operating temperature -30C 80C
Storage temperature -40C 85C
Humidity Max. 95% non-condensing
Interface USB or Serial
Power 5V 5%, 90mA (via interface)
LED indicator OFF: Power OFF
ON: Searching
FLASHING: Position fixed
GPS output protocol NMEA 0183 SiRF binary: position, velocity, altitude, status
Serial transfer protocol User configurable (default 4800,N,8,1)
Cable length 1800 mm
Dimensions 59 mm (L) x 47 mm (W) x 21 mm (H)
Package Water-proof with non-slip magnetic base

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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